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The observer, stuck in Kalmykia, disappeared after the elections. The party believes that the student was intimidated by investigators

The university announced the disappearance of the student, and she stated in a video message that she was “currently alive”.

Aiza Hulaeva. Photos from her instagrama

A third-year student of the Kalmyk State University, Aisa Khulaeva, who took off ballot stuffing in the September 9 elections, recorded a video message asking not to disturb her family and friends. She disappeared after voting day, having ceased to communicate.

In a short video, recorded on September 14 at 11:56, Hulaev in outer clothing is in someone’s apartment. She called herself “at the moment alive and healthy” and thanked everyone for their support. She turned off the camera on her own.

The observer disappeared right after she took off the ballot stuffing

On September 9, Khulaeva worked as an observer from “Fair Russia” in the school at station No. 81 in the village of Primanych Iki-Burulsky district. Local residents elected the People’s Khural or Parliament. In the video that the student removed, a man and a woman took out packets of ballots from a black bag and dropped them into the urn. At the end, the woman noticed Khulaeva’s camera.

Hulaeva on the phone told about the stuffing of the employees of the “SR” branch, “The SRs” posted a video and wrote statements to state agencies, and the observer stopped contacting them. As Rosbalt wrote , the member of the election commission who arrived on the site found out that “someone came and took away” the student.

It is not known where Khulaeva spent the night, but on September 11 she went through an interrogation from the Investigative Committee. “After she was taken out, she could not say anything, was in a state of shock, was crying. Relatives took her home, “- said the head of the regional branch of the party Natalia Manzhikova.

“The Socialist-Revolutionaries” declared pressure on the observer

September 11 Mangzhikova began to call from the UK and ask how to find Hulaev again. The head of the “Socialist-Revolutionaries” department suggested that the girl is hiding, because she was probably “pressed by someone, demanding that she give up her testimony.”

The leader of “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov said that the girl complained of threats to her address. The politician has addressed with the requirement to protect the observer from pressure to the chapter of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

The results of elections on the site were canceled

On September 12, the electoral committee canceled the results of the elections at the site where Hulaev dropped ballot stuffing. On this PEC “United Russia” received 83%, while on average in the republic – only 68%.

The head of the Central Electoral Commission Ella Pamfilova learned about the situation with Hulaeva and suggested that she “seriously find out” who exerted pressure on her. The deputy head of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Bulaev offered to reward the student on behalf of the commission.

The university accused the student of “political forces”

September 13, the rectorate of the Kalmyk State University named after B.B. Gorodovikova addressed “to all citizens” and expressed “extreme concern” about the disappearance of Khulayeva. Representatives of the university said that the student did not appear for three days in class and at the hostel, and sent a statement to the UK.

The university called Khulaev “an unwitting participant in that unscrupulous game”, allegedly led by “certain political forces” with “completely understandable goals.” Whom the university had in mind, “Fair Russia” or someone else, it is not clear.

On September 11, the “Caucasian Knot” reported that the university threatened to expel Khulayeva. The university did not directly comment on this, but stated the existence of “slanderous fabrications” about the pressure on the girl. Is it known to the rectorate where Aysa is located, it is not clear: the university staff can not give out information to journalists about the students.

Siloviki say that the student did not disappear

  • On September 10, the head of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Kalmykia, Andrei Baskhayev, told the “Caucasian Knot” that Khulaev “is in the territory of Kalmykia,” and “no illegal actions against her were committed”;
  • On September 12, the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not confirm that they could detain Khulayev in a commentary to the “Stepny Vesti”
  • On September 14, the TASS source in the security services stated that Khulayev “did not disappear, no one detained her, she was contacted”. The interlocutor of the agency also suggested that “the girl does not want to communicate with anyone”.
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