The military supported the design of a training aircraft with a back wing

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The Ministry of Defense of Russia supported the project of developing a light jet trainer aircraft with a CP-10 swept wing. As reported by “Airport” with reference to a source in the defense industry complex, the military also decided in 2017 to conduct state joint tests of the new aircraft.

As expected, the assembly of the first pilot training aircraft will begin at the end of this year. Next year, the second and third CP-10 will be assembled. All samples will be equipped with a “glass cabin”, developed by the Ryazan instrument-making plant. According to the approved plan, the delivery of the first SR-10 to the Russian military will begin in 2018.

CP-10 is developed in a normal aerodynamic scheme with a single turbojet engine. The first aircraft will be equipped with Ukrainian AI-25TL engines, which will then be replaced by Russian AI-55I engines. The maximum take-off mass of the CP-10 will be 2.7 tons. The aircraft has a wing with a swept sweep of ten degrees.

The aircraft will be able to reach speeds of up to 900 kilometers per hour and fly to a distance of up to 1.5 thousand kilometers. CP-10 will be able to perform all aerobatics with a maximum overload from plus ten to minus eight units. In the future, the CP-10 will become an intermediate link between the Yak-152 initial training aircraft with a reciprocating engine and the Yak-130 training and combat jet.

CP-10 performed the first two flights on December 25, 2015. During the first flight the plane stayed in the air for 40 minutes, and the second for 20 minutes.

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