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The first Sephora store in Russia was opened in Russia

Yesterday September 14, Sephora opened its first store in Russia , it is in the shopping center Aviapark.

Sephora is not only a chain of cosmetics stores, they also produce a large number of cosmetics under their brand and previously they were presented in the store Il De Bote. Curiously, both Sephora and Il De Bote ( since 2016 ) belong to LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton. Therefore it will be interesting to see whether both networks remain in the Russian market, or Sephora will absorb the network of Il De Bote and take its place.

The opening was large-scale, many brands sent their representatives to the event and conducted live broadcasts, so Sephora clearly came to Russia with serious goals and will actively fight for the market and buyers.

Prior to the opening of Sephora in Russia, the main cosmetics and perfumery shops were Riv Gosh, L’Etoile and Ile de Bote, as well as the Golden Apple, which for a long time were not allowed into the capital, and gained popularity due to the fact that they were the first to be brought to Russia and made popular fashion brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, Urban Decay and others available to a wide range of customers.

Abroad, it is common practice when cosmetic brands provide retailers with exclusive rights to sell their products. So the appearance of Sephora in the market, can affect the availability of a particular product. Retailers will have to compete with each other for bestsellers. The truth of the same Sephora, it will be necessary before it to open enough stores in the regions.

Turn to the dark side, we have the latest collection of Too Faced!

Of the interesting that Sephora offers at the time of opening (and during the first month) – free delivery in Russia with an order of 500 rubles. That is very cool, considering that other brands provide free delivery to the regions when ordering from 1000 rubles (Rive Gauche) , some only from 5000 rubles (Il De Bote) , and someone, in my eyes, like a chicken ass (L ‘ Etoile) in their desire to save, and do not provide a service, go so far as to be ready to bother with your order, only if it reaches 5000 rubles, and even in this case you will have to pay for shipping separately. All, while surpassing the Golden Apple, which in 2k18, decided that the opening of the online store can not be particularly rushed.

Golden Apple: Do you want a highlighter? So you will reach! You’ll crawl to the store!

In addition, in the first month you can get a virtual discount card of the highest level – black for any purchase. However, if you have a discount card Il De Bote, you can get a Sephora card by simply registering on their website, which I actually did. There is also a bonus program, but there you need to be able to add and multiply by 5, so I did not deal with it.

If someone lives in Moscow next to the Airpark, and you do not have the maximum discount card of another brand, I would advise you to go and buy yourself a bar of soap, because before the new year or gender holidays (February 23, March 8), discounts on soap-burl accessories and perfumes, will not be superfluous, of course, if you are not hikkah.

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