Russian military will receive a “flying desk” with a back wing

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VC Russia until the end of 2018 will receive the first batch of new training aircraft SR-10, developed by the company “Modern aircraft technology.” As thenewspaper Izvestia reports , the aircraft with a swept wing will be used on a par with the turboprop Yak-152 and jet Yak-130.

Currently, the Russian Air Force has about 150 obsolete Czech training aircraft L-39, supplied to the troops since the 1980s. These aircraft are used for advanced training of pilots, as well as for maintaining pilots flight skills. It is assumed that the new training aircraft SR-10 will eventually replace the outdated L-39.

CP-10 is developed in a normal aerodynamic scheme with a single turbojet engine. The first aircraft will be equipped with Ukrainian AI-25TL engines, which will then be replaced by Russian AI-55I engines. The maximum take-off mass of the CP-10 will be 2.7 tons. The aircraft has a wing with a swept sweep of ten degrees.

The wing with a reverse sweep has several advantages over the conventional wing. First, such a wing allows to significantly increase the maneuverability of the aircraft. Secondly, it allows you to reduce the radar visibility of the aircraft. Thirdly, such a wing allows improving aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft.

Finally, the swept wing significantly simplifies the control of the aircraft at ultra-low flight speeds. In this case, the swept wing in flight undergoes substantially greater loads than the conventional wing. It is this disadvantage that makes it very difficult to develop aircraft with a swept wing.

According to the project, CP-10, the development of which will be completed this year, will be able to develop a speed of up to 900 kilometers per hour and carry out flights for a distance of up to 1,5 thousand kilometers. CP-10 will be able to perform all aerobatics with a maximum overload from plus ten to minus eight units. CP-10 performed the first two flights on December 25, 2015.

Last September, the first flight of the Yak-152 turboprop aircraft was made , which will replace the Yak-52 basic flight training aircraft. It is expected that the first new training aircraft will begin to arrive in the troops before the end of 2017. They will also be used to train pilots in civilian flight centers and in DOSAAF.

The take-off mass of the new aircraft is 1.3 tons. It is equipped with a piston engine of 320 horsepower, which allows it to accelerate to a speed of 500 kilometers per hour. The maximum range of a new aircraft is about one thousand kilometers. The Yak-152 is designed for 30 years of service

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