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In Stavropol, the man decided to apologize with the help of an aerial platform

The Saturday morning in one of the regions of Stavropol began unusually. Apparently, seriously guilty man did not come up with anything better than to attract attention to himself and apologize to his beloved with the help of an aerial platform.

In the vicinity of 11 am the young man decided to present as an apology a bouquet of flowers right through the balcony. To do this, he used the services of an aerial platform, and a loudspeaker. Incorporating a romantic chanson throughout the yard, he rolled directly to the balcony (no longer his own) of a woman with the intention of regaining her location. I must say, his efforts the resident of Stavropol perceived without much emotion, but she accepted flowers.

There is a suspicion that such exploits were inspired by yesterday’s opening of the singing fountain in the city, which was perceived by the population of Stavropol as an unprecedented holiday and, accordingly, was vigorously celebrated all night.

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