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In London, an experiment with a completely free and anonymous WiFi failed

Throughout London, communication centers were established where you could call and charge anonymously and charge the phone, as well as distributing a free WiFi that did not require registration on the network. But this caused an unexpected surge in crime.

BT Group has installed “digital InLinkUK kiosks” throughout London. Their functionality included free and anonymous calls, distribution of WIfi network registration and charging a free docking station. All devices are financed from advertising revenue. They had to show 438 hours of advertising per year on a special display. The location on the display is free of charge for local municipal authorities and displaying city news. The government of Great Britain already planned to place “digital kiosks” across the country, but an unexpected surge in crime has convinced them.

According to London policemen, that after the installation of InLinkUK, crime has sharply increased. About 90 percent of free calls were related to the sale of drugs, and calls were used to coordinate several robberies and murders. Because of this, the Government of London began to reject applications for the replacement of old telephone booths at InLinkUK. But the police are skeptical about this decision. “Nobody forbids lanes and yards where drug dealers often sell their goods – policemen laugh at it.BT Group reported that there will be crime in London regardless of the installation of InLinkUK, but crime statistics prove the increase in crime after the installation of InLinkUK.

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