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In Australia, unknown people put needles on strawberries

Authorities of the Australian state of Queensland have announced a reward of 100 thousand Australian dollars for information that will help find the intruders putting sewing needles in a strawberry. This is reported by the Australian television channel ABC . Needles and pins were found in strawberries from six different manufacturers.

The first reports on sewing needles in berries, delivered from farms to the country’s stores, appeared in social networks a week ago. Brisbane resident Joe Gein said that his friend swallowed a needle when he ate strawberries and went to the hospital. Checking the other berries in the package, the friends found another sewing needle. Needles in strawberries also came across residents of Sydney and Victoria, the BBCsaid .

Australia’s large supermarket chains withdrew all the strawberries from Queensland and announced that they would take back all purchased bundles with a full refund of their value. Prime Minister of Queensland Anastasia Palashchuk warned that the strawberries, bought from September 5 to 8, should be crushed or discarded.

The police and the association of manufacturers of strawberries Queensland assured that all the berries bought after September 13, are completely safe. At the same time, the siloviki reported cases of imitation. Authorities claim that such incidents sabotage the industry and may have a lasting negative impact on sales. In the association of strawberry producers, it was suggested that a disgruntled employee could organize a diversion, but Queensland police said there was no evidence to that effect.

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