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From hatred to love – one step: what a new “Predator”

A lot of blood, swearing and reasons for the outrage of the fans.

September 13 in the Russian hire came “Predator” – the continuation of the cult franchise, which began in 1987 with the film with Schwarzenegger. The director of the fresh picture was Shane Black, who played one of the roles in the original film and is known for his work on “Glorious Guys” and “Lethal Weapon”.

Editor watched the film and tells why it can become a breath of fresh air for the entire franchise, but fans will hate it.

I was a fan of “Predator” from a deep childhood. For the first time I watched the film, it seems, about five years on a “pirated” videocassette, where there were two first parts with the odnogolosy transfer of Leonid Volodarsky. In a sense, the “Predator” formed me as a person: I included that cassette for all my childhood at least a couple of hundred times – and every time I watched with delight.

Even when I grew up, the interest in the “Predator” was not lost, however, by this time the franchise has turned somewhere wrong. After two solo “Predators” studio “20th Century Fox” decided to make a crossover “Alien vs. Predator” and released two films. And if the first picture was quite tolerable, then the second was a second-rate horror film and failed at the box office.

After that, about the cult aliens for several years it was not audible until in 2010, Robert Rodriguez filed the “Predators” – the first attempt to gently “reset” the franchise. The film borrowed many techniques and plot moves from the first part, but was coolly received by viewers and critics.


Even despite the small budget, the picture did not become a box office hit and barely repulsed the cost of production. Because of this, the predators had to be forgotten for a long time.

Why the new “Predator” – a breath of fresh air for the franchise

In 2013, another remake offered to remove Sheyn Black: the studio promised a budget at the level of his previous work – “Iron Man 3” (about 200 million dollars) and “adult” rating “R”. And although the director said that he was making a sequel, in fact, he had a successful reboot, which can finally pull the franchise out of a series of setbacks.

Black’s film is like “The Last Jedi”, only in the universe of “Predators.”

Shane Black starred in the original film, so probably better than many directors knows how to shoot the same picture. But he does everything on the contrary: in the new “Predator” from the first part there is only the name and music.

From the very first seconds, Black’s film begins to break the canons and forehead answers questions that many over all these years have not even been asked. Perhaps, this is the most detailed film about the race of predators in the entire franchise, and probably the largest budget.

The new “Predator” tells about aliens-hunters everything you want and do not want to know.

Shane Black has long been known as the author of films in which violence is perfectly combined with light humor and irony, and in this sense the new “Predator” is practically “Glorious Guys”. This can be seen almost immediately, and at some points the authors do not hesitate even to openly mock the original.

At such moments, the inner fan in the depths of the soul beats in agony, but for the franchise it’s good – it has long needed a good shake-up. In 2018, it is no longer enough to push people with a two-meter monster, who with his bare hands tears out his spine, this should also be at least fun.

And the new “Predator” is exactly this – there are many moments where you can laugh at someone’s death, but also a lot of violence and humor.

It’s almost a blockbuster Marvel, only with blood, guts and torn limbs.

For what the fans hate the “Predator” Shane Black

The “Predator” for 31 years of existence formed its own canon not only from movies, but also from books, comics and video games. Black’s film, in fact, crosses out not only everything that was released after the first two paintings, but also themselves.

Some plot twists and turns can be compared with the flight of Princess Leah from the “Last Jedi”. At the same time, it is still possible to attract these moments to the previous parts for ears, but it is unlikely that the fans will arrange something like this.

This is definitely not the movie that will play on nostalgia: the original picture is mentioned here only once, and everything else – only minor references in the scenery. The new “Predator” disappoints those who were waiting for something like the first part, but with other heroes and modern graphics.

Black’s film is definitely not a masterpiece: he has many shortcomings, both technical and scripted. But, probably, turning into a modern blockbuster is the best development option for a franchise and so it has at least some chance. With this, you just have to put up with it.

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