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Chinese deck fighter J-15 allowed for night flights

The Chinese deck fighter J-15 received clearance for night flights, take-offs and landings on the deck of an aircraft carrier. According to The Global Times, permission for night operations was issued by the leadership of the People’s Liberation Army of China after all the pilots to whom decked aircraft are assigned had advanced flight training.

When carrying out combat missions, aircraft carriers have to act at night, and to provide secrecy, the exterior lighting of ships is mostly usually extinguished. This greatly complicates the ups and downs of deck aircraft, pilots who often have to rely on these devices and glide lights on the aircraft carrier. Landing at night can be complicated by pitching.

During the last training, the Chinese aviators of deck aviation conducted several night J-15 flights with missile launches against targets at the landfills. In total, it took slightly more than five years for a full flight test program on land and on an aircraft carrier, as well as training pilots for flights day and night in simple and difficult weather conditions.

By now, about 20 J-15 fighters have been assembled in China. They are attributed to the aircraft carrier “Liaoning”, completed by the Chinese aircraft carrier “Varyag”, which was bought from Ukraine in the 1990’s.

It is believed that the J-15 fighter was developed by the Chinese company Shenyang on the basis of the prototype of the Soviet-launched Su-33 (T-10K-1) fighter jet purchased from Ukraine in 2005, as well as the technical developments obtained in the creation and production of J- eleven. The latter, in turn, are altered copies of Soviet heavy Su-27 fighters.

The length of the J-15 is 21.9 meters, the wing span is 14.7 meters, and the height is 5.9 meters. The maximum take-off weight of the deck fighter is 33 tons. The plane is capable of speeding up to 2.1 thousand kilometers per hour. The fighter is armed with a 30-millimeter aircraft gun and has eight suspension points for missiles and bombs.

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