Cars Tesla download autopilot

Electromobiles Tesla Roadster on recharging.
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Tesla Motors has completed the development of an autopilot system that allows the car to move independently along a straight road with markings both within the city and on the highway. This is reported on the company’s website.

The autopilot uses data from the camera and radar installed in the front of the car, as well as from the GPS module and 12 ultrasonic distance sensors installed along the perimeter of the body. The system allows you to change the lane, move in the lane in view of the speed limit, maintain a safe distance to the car from the front and avoid possible collisions from other sides. Also, if necessary, the autopilot will help to find a place for parallel parking and park the car on its own.

The semi-autonomous driving system controls the steering wheel, gas and brake. Despite this, the company’s representatives note that the driver should just keep his hands on the wheel just in case, as he is responsible for the behavior of the car on the road. The autopilot will be updated and receive new functions over the next years, until it turns into an unmanned driving system, the company’s website says.

The Tesla autopilot is included in the on-board software version 7.0, the update started in the evening of October 14 in the US, during the week the update will be installed on customers’ cars in Europe. The semi-autonomous driving function will be available in all cars of the company that have been manufactured since October 2014 – previously a set of sensors was not installed on the Tesla electric vehicle.

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