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With the help of a mixed reality, the American channel about the weather showed the danger of hurricane Florence

It’s nice when the technologies of augmented and mixed reality find practical application not only in games and projects, tied to the design of premises. American The Weather Channel uses these technologies to visually demonstrate the consequences of various disasters. And one of the heroes of this cataclysm was the hurricane Florence, which during these hours strikes the first blows along the southeastern coast of the United States.

When the rise of the water level is told on the schematic pictures or added there to compare the houses and their inhabitants, it is still quite difficult to imagine. In video from The Weather Channel, the visibility was brought to a new level when the host of the program against the background of computer graphics showed how at home, cars and even he can hide under the thick of raging water.

It is reported that such videos for The Weather Channel makes the company The Future Group on the game engine Unreal Engine. A similar movie on the same channel was dedicated to a tornado, when a column fell in the studio next to the leading one, a wooden beam flew into the wall, and a car crashed to the floor.

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