What prevents Apple Watch from supporting cellular communication in Russia

Respond Russian communication operators and an expert.

September 12, 2017, Apple introduced the third generation of “smart” watches Apple Watch. They will be available in two versions, with the ability to connect to the mobile network (GPS + Cellular) and without it (GPS), but only the second will appear in Russia.

In the Apple Watch Series 3, the eSIM chip is used to connect to a mobile network instead of a regular SIM card, which contains the information necessary to register with the carrier’s network. It is non-removable and can share one number with a SIM card installed in the iPhone.

“The technology of eSIM is not yet supported in Russia by equipment manufacturers,” said MTS representative Dmitry Solodovnikov. To make this system work in Russia, we need an initiative from Apple, Samsung and other companies that manufacture devices with an eSIM chip, and the operators will need to refine their software, he argues.

“ESIM implies the possibility of switching between networks of operators without visiting the telecom operator. In Russia, the number of the SIM card is fixed in the subscriber’s agreement, “- warned the head of the press service of” Beeline “Anna Aybasheva. The company is analyzing the possibility of using this technology, added executive vice president for strategy and business development operator Alexander Popovsky.

Tele2 is considering the possibility of supporting eSIM in Russia, said company spokeswoman Olga Galushina. “Now the operator is analyzing the demand for technology among its subscribers and evaluating the development of suppliers to offer users the most high-quality solution,” she said.

In the “Megaphone” of the comments on the issue of eSIM refused.

Close to one of the cellular operators, the source we noted that eSIM in Russia needs not only a technical solution, but also a legal justification. “Now eSIM is actually equated to the cloning of a SIM card, which in Russia is legally banned,” he says.

He is supported by another operator, explaining that the telecom companies will not be able to “tie” the clock to a contract in which the SIM card from the smartphone is already inscribed. Theoretically, it is possible to create a virtual operator that will cooperate with several telecom companies and will describe eSIM as a module for connection to the operator’s network in the agreement, he argues.

In Russia, eSIM really can be equated to the cloning of a SIM card, Denis Kuskov, the general director of the analytical agency TelecomDaily, confirmed. For the development of eSIM technology in Russia, an initiative is needed from regulators, and then from operators and device manufacturers, he says. “So far, apparently, for some reason, there is no vision of the development of eSIM in our country. But, I think, it will come to us, “said Kuskov.

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