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Microsoft began interrupting the installation of third-party browsers in the beta version of Windows 10

The system warns that users already have a “safe and fast” browser – Microsoft Edge.


In the new version of Windows 10, which is available to participants in the program Insider-Preview, the system began to interrupt the installation of third-party browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox. This was noticed on the site

When you try to install programs, Windows interrupts the process and prompts you to use the standard Microsoft Edge browser, which is already in the system by default. It is claimed that it is “faster and safer” than the browser that the user wants to install.

The system offers a choice – open Microsoft Edge or continue installation. There is also the option to “disable such notifications in the future,” but it translates into the list of applications in the settings and does not disable notifications in fact.

Usually the version of Insider Preview gets to the mass users almost unchanged, so it is likely that soon the function will appear in the release version of Windows 10. At the same time, the company can simply test the possibilities on the participants of public beta testing.

According to, if the function gets to the official version, then Microsoft can also begin to promote its other products, for example, to show notifications when installing third-party players, photo editors or text editors.

In 2016, Microsoft already tried to obsessively promote Microsoft Edge among users of Windows 10. In one of the updates, the company began to show on the taskbar notification that the standard browser is “safer” than competitors.



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