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German football coach turned the life of players into the “Field of Miracles”. You will not believe exactly how

Just like Yakubovich, only instead of the “Prize” sector on the drum – lawn mowing, washing of someone else’s form and training in a ballet tutu.

"Wheel of failure" on the basis of the club "RB Leipzig"
“Wheel of failure” on the basis of the club “RB Leipzig”

The head coach of the German football club RB Leipzig, Ralph Rangnik, told Bild about the new penal system in the team. Mentor called it “Wheel of failure” – the guilty sportsmen twist it and find out what they will have to do.

Rangnik made a wheel to reduce the number of violations on the part of players like late for training, the use of smartphones or a set of extra pounds. According to the coach, monetary fines in such cases rarely help, so he replaced them with “public works”. What kind of work will fall to the offender – the “Wheel of failure” decides.

There are 12 sectors on the drum. Penalties can last from a couple of hours to several weeks. One of the sectors is “happy” – if it falls out, then the footballer does not bear punishment for violation of the regime.

  • The player must collect balls after training;
  • The player must replace the children’s coach at one of the local football academy sessions;
  • The player becomes a guide: he conducts for fans a tour of the stadium, shows the locker room and “coaching”;
  • Sector “Prize”: no punishment;
  • The player looks after the lawn at the stadium;
  • The player puts on a ballet tutu for one team workout;
  • The player drags water and fills the bottles of teammates;
  • The player works in the club store at the checkout;
  • The player helps in the kitchen: he prepares salads, wipes tables;
  • The player cleans the shoes of all teammates;
  • The player loads the entire team’s bags on the bus before leaving for another city;
  • The player buys small gifts for all club personnel. In the “Leipzig” employs 60 people.
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