First reviews and impressions of the iPhone Xs Max

Immediately after the presentation, Apple invited all journalists to a special show room. There visitors were waiting for new iPhones.

Given that the iPhone Xs is externally identical to last year’s flagship, and the iPhone Xr is positioned as an “entry-level model”, the greatest interest was caused precisely by the iPhone Xs Max.

We have collected opinions and feedback from those who already managed to hold the huge 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Max.

1. Marques Brownlee

Marcus Brownlee is one of the most popular IT bloggers on YouTube.

iPhone Xs Max is really a giant smartphone. But thanks to the thin frames in the hand it feels like the Galaxy S9. If the only visual difference between the iPhone Xs and the iPhone X is the appearance of the golden color of the case, then the iPhone Xs Max is different in size.

Without the support of Apple Pencil, any new features – it’s just an iPhone with a new display size and improved stuffing. Everything, as in the classic models “S”.

Simply put, you will feel that you have bought a new iPhone only if you choose iPhone Xs Max. But for this you will have to pay an impressive sum.

Apple also assured in increasing the battery life. The Xs Max will last 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone X. I personally prefer a larger iPhone Xs Max.

2. Wired

It is huge. The size of the iPhone Xs Max is identical to the iPhone 8 Plus. Here only this model has a much larger display, which occupies almost the entire front face.

The cost is rather big, but it’s a fee for the big screen and all the S-upgrade chips.

3. The Verge


You can visually distinguish iPhone Xs Max from iPhone Xs only if you keep two smartphones in your hands at once. The Xs Max hand does not feel as big as the Plus series. It’s much more comfortable with him.

Xs Max lies well in the hand. There is no discomfort from the large display.

4. GadgetSnow


This is the biggest and most expensive smartphone Apple. But he, surprisingly, does not feel gigantic. Compared to the Galaxy Note 9, which has a 6.4-inch display, the iPhone Xs Max is slightly larger. But at the same time it is more convenient in the hand, it is lighter and more elegant.

We were impressed by the OLED display installed in the Xs Max. Bright saturated colors, unique sharpness of the picture. And I was surprised by the mode of changing the bokeh in post-processing photos.

Before you decide to give a round sum for the iPhone Xs Max, you must accurately answer the question: does the value of the value play directly for you?



I like large displays. And this is what attracts the iPhone Xs Max. But, as for me, the most important change in the big flagship is the increased autonomy for 1.5 hours.

Like the “younger brother”, the iPhone Xs Max works very quickly. I’m not a fan of smartphones in gold, but this one looks good. Better than a black iPhone X. Something like ceramics.

The most expensive iPhone Xs Max costs $ 1,449, which is more than some MacBooks.

6. TomsGuide

There are supporters of compact smartphones. But here’s what I want to say: if you’re going to buy a new iPhone, take one that has more display.

With the iPhone Xs, you are more likely to be carried more into the game atmosphere and, what’s funny, you allow less typing errors while typing. The display is more.

Is it worth overpaying a hundred extra bucks? As for me, it’s worth it. Despite the fact that the iPhone Xs Max is almost 25 grams heavier than the iPhone Xs, it fits perfectly in your jeans pocket without causing any discomfort.

In addition, you get additional autonomy. And the extra battery capacity is never superfluous. On the hardware stuffing, the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max are identical.

Well, now, the opinion of our readers. Yesterday you saw three new Apple smartphones . What do you think about the biggest and most expensive iPhone?

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