Everyone was shocked when a grass lover announced the price of his new “ingenious” invention

Bricks from Elon Musk will cost the whole …

Today, in his Twitter account, Elon Musk reported on the planned start of sales of the next product from the company The Boring Company.

Bricks in the form of Lego, produced from the extracted rock in the creation of tunnels, will go on sale tentatively after 2 months. The price for one block is 10 cents. He also added that for affordable housing projects, bricks will be completely free.

The first Boring Brick store will open in about 2 months. Only 10 cents per brick! Suitable for seismic loads in California
As Musk noted earlier, from bricks, thanks to their special form, it will be possible to create stable structures without using cement. Because of the void inside the brick, they have a light weight. At the same time, they can withstand very high loads and are suitable for construction in seismological zones.

Manufacture of bricks

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