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Confirmed third part of the cunning shooter Wolfenstein about the fight against the Nazis

Bethesda vice president Pete Hines confirmed the plans of the publisher for the release of the third part of the shooter Wolfenstein in an interview with the British resource Metro. Apparently, this will be the final episode of history. Previously, developers from MachineGames, who created Wolfenstein, expressed their desire to make another game in the franchise.

At the moment the game is not yet in development: so far MachineGames studio makes a spin-off called Youngblood. The shooter will tell the story of Blaskovitz’s daughters, who are fighting the Nazis in Paris in the eighties. The action will be cooperative, while the main parts of Wolfenstein are purely for a single passage.

Also Hines said that Bethesda continues to “believe in the single.” So, now the company is engaged in role-playing projects Fallout 76 and Starfield, as well as shooter Rage 2. All of them are focused on a single pass.

The first part of the new Wolfenstein with the subtitle The New Order was released in 2014, a year later followed by the addition of Old Blood. The sequel The New Colossus appeared last fall. The game takes place in an alternative reality: the Third Reich won the Second World War and captured the whole world thanks to advanced technologies. The protagonist is Resistance fighter William Blaskovitz, who organizes sabotage and in every possible way hinders the plans of the Nazis.

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