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As a seductive model from Victoria’s Secret wrote programs for iOS

A week ago, in an instoding, there was a photo of Lindsay Scott, who was called a programmer. This account publishes positive IT content, so most people took this post as a joke.

Some have written that her knowledge will last at most “Hello World!”, While others noted that she is not connected with IT at all – this is the fruit of fantasy:


Only print “Hello World!” 😀

Wtf? 😆😋

As a result, it turned out that the girl works in the team of iOS-developers and programs in Python, C ++, Java, MIPS and Objective-C.


“… 41% of women in technology drop work …”

In response to stupid attacks by subscribers Lindsay Scott has told a little about herself.

Now the supermodel works in the company Rallybound , which is rapidly developing. She is a member of the team that develops the iOS version of the online

At the time of writing, she had 27,481 points on Stack Overflow , now – 27,820. This is a popular system of questions and answers about programming in the world, in which it has already left more than four hundred useful tips.

And the Victoria’s Secret model has bachelor’s degrees after studying computer scienceand drama at Amherst College in Massachusetts, USA.

“Looking at these comments, I’m surprised why 41% of women in a technical career fall out because of a hostile work environment”

Lindsay lives her life and tries to do whatever she likes . It is a pity that many beautiful girls can not stand pressure from the public and stop doing something really clever.

“… programmers can be of any shape, size, gender …”

After discussion at, Lindsey Scott posted the post already in her insta .

She stressed that she did not want to show off her achievements, despite the negative attitude towards her.

The main goal of the supermodel is to convince the public that people can not be judged only on the cover.

“That they think twice before doubting the women and girls who meet in the technosphere”

Yes, when it comes to programmers, the image of a pale, unshaven and lean guy about 20-30 years old immediately comes to mind. This is a stereotype that is difficult to deal with.

Nevertheless, there are more pleasant examples, Lindsay Scott is one of them.

About the model, which deals with programming, began to speak quite a long time. As early as 2014, she was interviewed by the Australian division of Business Insider.

At school, Lindsay Scott was an ugly duckling who was destined for the fate of a swan. Then she already used the TI-89 graphic calculator to create her first games.

In college she taught mathematics and physics , as well as English and Russian literature. And after his graduation started working as a model in New York: she collaborated with Calvin Klein, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, The Victoria’s Secret, DKNY and Sephora.

Now she not only develops mobile applications, but also plays in the theater.

Another photo of a programmer from Victoria’s Secret:

Moral: do not judge by appearance, lest you be judged

I’m sure most of those who did not believe in Lindsay’s successes, not only look so-so, but also do not write lines of code without Google.

Therefore, I suggest that we take off the blinders and look at this world wider.

On the one hand, nobody prevents you from looking cool, doing absolutely any business. On the other hand, the brains themselves will not appear even in the coolest body.

So dare to not look at others! Do not try to be better than someone other than yourself in the past.

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