Apple deleted three movies that the user bought in the library iTunes

In an era when physical copies of music albums, games and films are retired, and they are replaced by digital ones, many people began to forget what a misfortune really is behind this. Most often, services that provide access to digital versions of entertainment, do not sell them to us, but rent out for a while. And at any time they can be taken away, as did Apple.

Canadian Anders da Silva turned to Twitter directly to Tim Cooke after the honestly purchased films disappeared from his iTunes library. And all because Apple expired contract with the copyright holder of these films. And the company had to remove them from their servers.

Instead, yes Silve credited the points that he could spend on renting (rather than perpetual possession) of any other films. “But I paid for them, what difference does it make to what the content provider is doing with their copies,” Anders thought most likely. He first turned to support, and then to Tim Cook. But neither the first nor the second to help da Silva could not.

Of course, most of the services are misleading when they suggest to buy a movie. In fact, they only provide access to these films, which at any moment may break. As in the case of da Silva.

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