S7 Space is going to build the first Russian private reusable rocket for 5-6 years

It looks like the company is seriously going to catch up with SpaceX.

Russian private space company S7 Space expects to build its own reusable missile by 2023-2024. It can also be launched from a floating cosmodrome. This was told by the chief designer of the launch vehicles S7 Space Igor Radugin.

According to him, usually a new rocket is created in 5-7 years, but S7 Space plans to meet a maximum of 6 years. The designer believes that the deadlines may even be reduced due to the absence of bureaucracy in the private space industry. Radugin also noted that Ilona Mask’s creation of a reusable rocket in SpaceX took 10 years.

So far, the Russian missile does not even have primary design documentation. However, it is known that it will work on the same principle as the Falcon 9 – it will have a reusable block with a vertical landing. According to Radugin, the reusable block consists of technologies that somehow realized earlier, including landing gear.

In September 2017, S7 bought the floating launch site “Sea Launch” and all its assets. The deal amounted to $ 160 million.

February 16, 2018 the wife of the owner of the holding S7 Natalia Filev said that her husband began to feel depressed after the launch of Falcon Heavy with Tesla Roadster on board. According to her, Vladislav Filev did not think that Ilon Mask “has gone so far”.

On September 10, the chief designer of RSC Energia Igor Radugin moved to work in S7 Space. At the last place of work, he was engaged in the creation of a new medium-class carrier rocket Soyuz-5 and a superheavy missile. S7 Space repeatedly criticized the “Energy” for the fact that “Soyuz-5” at the design stage morally outdated and was developed without taking into account the economic benefits of the launches.

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