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“Let’s live in peace”: Kadyrov intervened in the conflict between Habib and Timati

The MMA fighter quarreled with the artist because of the cancellation of concerts in Dagestan and views on music.

Ramzan Kadyrov commented on the founder of the label Black Star Timati and the MMA fighter Habib Nurmagomedov. The recording of the appeal of the head of Chechnya appeared in the artist’s instagram-account with the signature “Who did not understand, he will understand.”

Kadyrov explained that Habib’s rough relationship with Timati is due to the fact that the athlete is preparing for a fight with Conor McGregor.

Timati, these two series for you [holds punches]. In short, call 24 to 7. Our Caucasians do not understand that 24 by 7 are not just numbers, but 24 hours a day and seven days a week. My brothers, Dagestanis, do not offend each other. Habib and Timothy will understand.

It’s just that Habib is now chasing the weight, so he is nervous – you can understand him. And what are you doing? Nonsense.

We will be in order. To us terrorists will not come and the guest performers will not come. It is better that guests come to us and rejoice. We should develop tourism in the Caucasus. Let’s live in peace, my beloved Dagestanis.

Ramzan Kadyrov
head of Chechnya

In the beginning of September in Dagestan the concert of Egor Creed, the actor Black Star, was canceled , because of threats of local residents in social networks. This was supported by Nurmagomedov, who is considered one of the most authoritative celebrities in the republic. Timothy appealed to him with a request not to call for cancellations of speeches, for which he received rude answers and insults.

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