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From Tesla left the third top manager for a week. This is associated with “unstable” behavior Musk

Smoking marijuana, application for the repayment of the company and other controversial actions of the head of the company.

Vice-president of Tesla on international finance Justin Makanir announced his forthcoming resignation. According to him, he will take a similar post in another company without specifying the name. As Bloomberg noted , this is the third top manager of Tesla, who is leaving the post for the last month.

“I have great respect for my colleagues and appreciate the time that I spent in the company,” Makanir said. He did not mention the reason for leaving, but added that “they are not refusing such offers.”

In early September, the head of the financial department left Tesla, and then the head of the personnel department. They also did not disclose new jobs. According to the former chief of finance, he did not expect that such a strong public attention would be riveted on the company.

In the summer, two key employees left Tesla: senior vice president of engineering and a member of the management who moved to competitors in Waymo. According to Bloomberg, the recent dismissals are connected with “unstable behavior” Mask, who publicly smoked marijuana, and before that he announced his intention to buy the company.

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