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Chapter RT was the first to interview the “poisoners” of the Violins. On the day when Putin asked them to appear in the media

The interlocutors of the TV channel said that they are not agents of the special services, but it is not clear until the end whether those are the most Boshirov and Petrov.

A shot from an interview with RT

RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan published the first interview with Russians Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, whom the UK accused of poisoning the family of the Violins. The journalist stated that she became the only one to whom these people trust.

Simonyan interviewed almost immediately after Putin’s request

On September 12, Vladimir Putin, answering a question during an economic forum, asked Boshirov and Petrov to appear in public: “Let them go somewhere – that’s the media.” Almost immediately, Simonyan wrote : “We are already looking for Vladimir Vladimirovich.”

In the morning of September 13, Simonyan said that she had already talked with Petrov and Boshirov the night before. According to Glavreda RT, the suspects in the poisoning of the Violins themselves called her on a mobile phone that “everyone knows everything, even couriers”. They both allegedly refused to give interviews to anyone other than Simonyan, since she “is known on the aether, reads social networks and therefore, again according to them, they are trusted.”

The very fact of such an interview caused doubts and disputes in social networks

The creation of Petrov and Boshirov the image of “a couple of simple and young guys” is not in charge of the affairs of Margarita Simonyan. KMBU.

Alexander Plyuschev
journalist of “Echo of Moscow”, in his Telegram-channel

The fact that Petrov-Boshirov came to RT is logical and correct. But to convince the public that they did this by reading the posts of Margarita in social networks and realizing that she is officious, this is not to respect this audience at all. It’s about like sitting next to Shinzo Abe and not asking him to comment on Putin’s proposal for a peace treaty.

Dmitry Smirnov
special correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda in the Kremlin pool, in its Telegram channel

Such all – and why Simonyan interviews Vasechkin and Petrova? Well, you’re journalists, or where? We have the only channel that broadcasts to the international community, which foreigners watch. Not for you, for an interview, but for other states. And to pay tribute to Simonyan, she and her team are not seen in the lodge.

Anastasia Kashevarova
glavred Daily Storm, former deputy chief-of-chief of Life, in his Telegram-channel

There are doubts whether these are real suspects

Simonyan said that Petrov and Boshirov are real, “as far as it can be checked.” One of the most obvious ways to verify a person is a passport. A St. Petersburg “Fontanka” found out that men bought air tickets to London on the foreign passports of the “65” series and numbers that differed only in the last digit: “… 1297” and “… 1294”. Thus, if Boshirov and Petrov showed a passport with a different numbering, there would be a serious doubt – did Simonyan speak exactly with those whom the UK considers “poisoners” of the Violins?

According to Simonyan, Boshirov and Petrov did not show her the passport, explaining that they did not have them with them. At the same time, they demonstrated Russian passports, than the chief editor of RT fully convinced.

Suspected of poisoning the Fiddles. Photos published by the British authorities

“Petrov and Boshirov” in an interview began to deny involvement in the poisoning of the Violins

On the afternoon of September 13, RT began piecemeal to spread interviews with those whom it considers the most suspected of poisoning former Colonel GRU Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia. They said they had nothing to do with the incident and now are afraid to go out.

RT interlocutors noted that they visited London for tourist purposes. According to them, they were in Salisbury for not more than an hour and mainly because of the difference in the timetable of the trains.

Friends have long been advised to visit this beautiful city. Salisbury is a tourist city with the famous cathedral in Europe.

From the very beginning, we planned to come to London and tear ourselves away, roughly speaking. It was not a business trip. We planned so that we will visit London and go to Salisbury.

“Petrov” in an interview with RT

Simonyan asked if the men had a “Novice” or any other poison, as they showed a bottle of perfume Nina Ricci.

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