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“You’ll be like a sprat in tomato!”: A master of sports in swimming called Zolotov to a duel

The head of Rosgvardia has already been invited to fight in a video game or in tic-tac-toe.

Master of Sports in Swimming, bronze medalist of the World Championship Viktor Soldatov called the head of Rosgvardia Viktor Zolotov for a swimming duel.

You’ll look like sprats in tomato on my background. I’ll cut you like a whale-killer with your kids.

Victor Soldatov

Also, Zolotova’s appeal was answered by the wife of the opposition politician Yulia Navalnaya.

Of course, I regard this as a threat to Alexei and all our family. This is a threat from an arrogant bandit reveling in its impunity.

I’m not afraid.

Julia Navalnaya

In addition, in social networks flashmob started under the tag # Zolotov . Its participants suggested that the head of Rosgvardia fight in crosses-toes, compare the knowledge in the USE in mathematics or play a video game.

On the eve of Zolotov recorded a video message in which, in response to the investigation of Navalny about the procurement of products in Rosgvardia, he summoned the oppositionist “for a duel.”

Sutki later, a deputy from the LDPR, Sergei Ivanov, brought in the Duma a bill called “Dueling Code of the Russian Federation.”

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