The ISS commander denied involvement of the crew of the station in the air leakage

He believes that astronauts and cosmonauts, on the contrary, timely eliminated the problem.

The ISS commander and American astronaut Andrew Fustel, in a conversation with ABC News, denied the involvement of the crew members in the air leakage in the Soyuz. According to him, the discovery of the leak “was a shock to all.” The astronaut told about this in a conversation with ABC News.

I can say for sure that the crew did nothing with this [hole] in orbit, without any doubt. In fact, there is something shameful and shameful in that someone is wasting time, assuming that the crew was involved in it.

Andrew Fustel
ISS commander

Fustel expressed the hope that an investigation on Earth would indeed establish the cause of the appearance of the “obviously artificial” hole in the “Union”.

This is one of those stories about which we will hear more than once. We, naturally, do not want the situation to repeat itself. I hope that the [investigation] teams will exercise due diligence in solving the problem, because the consequences are enormous for the entire space program, not only for us in the US, but also for Russia and international partners.

Andrew Fustel
ISS commander

Fustel said that the crew coped well with the detection and elimination of air leakage, and thanked the dispatchers from the Control Center in Moscow and Houston for their constant support.

So far, cosmonauts from all the partner countries of the ISS are flying to the station on Russian ships: NASA plans to abandon the use of the Soyuz only in 2019, when the SpaceX and Boeing will be tested.

On the night of August 30, the ISS was depressurized. It soon became clear that the source of the problem was a hole in the hull of Soyuz, with a diameter of about 2 millimeters. First, the crew of the station used a special adhesive tape, but it was not enough: it was necessary to apply three layers of sealant.

After that, RIA Novosti and TASS reported with reference to their own sources in the space industry that a hole was drilled by a negligent employee of RSC Energia during the assembly of the ship and sealed it so that it would not be noticed during the inspections.

On September 11, the commander of the Russian part of the ISS and cosmonaut Sergei Prokopyev showed in Instagram where there was a hole in the corps of the Union. He said that, in spite of everything, the crew of the station lives “peacefully and amicably,” and experiments are carried out “in normal mode.”

September 12, “Kommersant” referring to sources in Roskosmos reported that as the main version of the depressurization of the ISS, consider the intervention of American astronauts. The participants in the investigation believe that the Americans could drill a hole specially, supposedly to send one of the sick crew members to the Earth ahead of schedule.

The head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin called the information in the media “rumors and conjectures”, which are aimed at undermining comradely relations with the ISS. He said that until the end of the investigation all allegations referring to sources are “unacceptable”.

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