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The former England captain John Terry still refused to go to Spartak. He was pondering for almost a week

The media and fans were worried about the relationship of the ex-football player Chelsea with the Moscow club more than for their own.

John Terry in the match for Aston Villa. Reuters photo

37-year-old English football player John Terry, who is in the status of a free agent, said he would not go to Moscow’s Spartak. The passage of the legendary defender was discussed in sports media since September 8, but eventually fell through. A possible transfer was called “the most important” in Russia at least for the last few years.

After much thought, I declined the offer of “Spartacus.” I would like to take this opportunity to thank Spartak and wish the club and its fans this season all the best.

It’s an ambitious club, I’m very impressed with its professionalism. But we discussed this transition with the family and decided that this is a wrong step for us at this time. Good luck, Spartacus.

John Terry
football player

According to the “Sport-Express”, one of the reasons for Terry’s doubts in the transition could be “numerous negative publications about Russia in the English press”.

For a possible transfer, Terry was watched so closely that the fans had already started jokingly calling him “the legend of Spartacus.” On September 12, Russian fans found on Flight Radar the alleged charter of Terry from England.

Football experts, as it turned out, sent Terry to “Spartacus” ahead of time. For example, an Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio wrote that the transaction has been completed, and the English expert Harry Redknapp has said that “Spartacus” is very lucky to have this newcomer.

The Moscow club has never officially confirmed interest in Terry, but artificially intrigued the fans. For example, “a very important guest”, which for some time kept secret, proved to be the head coach.

“Spartacus” offered Terry a contract for the season with the possibility of an extension for another year, if he holds a certain percentage of matches, “Sport Express” reported . According to the British edition of The Sun, the salary of a football player in the Moscow team was about 2 million euros per year.

If Spartak still got Terry after the transfer window was closed, there would not be a rule violation. When a player is listed as a free agent (that is, not assigned to any club), the team can conclude a contract with him for another 30 days.

Terry is a former captain and one of the most famous defenders in the history of England and London’s Chelsea. After leaving the club Roman Abramovich, he played for Aston Villa, but after one season left therefrom a free agent. Footballer five times became the champion of the country, and in 2012 he won in the Champions League, the final of which took place in Moscow. He was twice recognized as the best defender of the Champions League, and also for four consecutive seasons in the FIFA World Cup team.

The English defender repeatedly got into scandals. When the media learned of Terry’s novel with the wife of another player from Wayne Bridge, the latter refused to play with him. Footballer also received a penalty and disqualification for four matches because of accusations of racism against football player Anton Ferdinand.

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