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The author of the caricature of Serena Williams had to delete her Twitter account because of accusations of racism and deadly threats

Australian cartoonist Mark Knight deleted his account on Twitter after numerous threats in physical violence and accusations of racism.

Caricature of Serena Williams was published in the newspaper Herald Sun and she caused a lot of outrage. Artists-caricaturists on Twitter account began to receive numerous threats after that he had to delete his account. Numerous celebrities accused the cartoonist of racism.

Well done, that brought one of the greatest athletes of our time to racist and sexist stereotypes, and another outstanding athlete to the faceless scenery

Do not respect Serena Wilms, who at 23 years became the champion. It’s really frustrating. As an Australian, I’m seriously disappointed.

But the Herald Sun newspaper stood up for its employee

The champion was hysterical right on the court, and this is what the caricature of Mark points out. He was not going to focus on either the skin color or the tennis player’s field

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