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Meet the new mayor of Yakutsk – Sardan Avksentiev

Sardana Avksenteva, nominated by the Party of the Renaissance of Russia, won the election of the mayor of Yakutsk, United Russia, speaker of the Duma Alexander Savvinov with a score of 39.9% against 31.8% with the advantage of almost 10 thousand votes. Avksenteva already met the elected head of the republic Aisen Nikolaev. Sardan Avksentiev was supported by the popular Yakut politician, deputy of the Legislative Assembly Vladimir Fedorov, who prior to the withdrawal of the party nominated by him, Rodina was the favorite of the race.

One of the directions in which it is worthwhile to work for the municipal education is the saving of the city budget. What are the ways I’m going to achieve this?

– Reduce the cost of maintaining the head of the city of Yakutsk;

– to cancel inauguration, magnificent receptions and corporate holidays;

– to refuse from foreign trips of the head of the city, departures of city delegations outside the republic and the country;

– put up for auction all the expensive SUVs of the City Hall.

The one in the photo will be sold first.

Sardana Avksenteva
head of the city of Yakutsk


She has two higher educations: in 1993 she graduated from the History and Law Faculty of the Yakut State University with a degree in History Teacher, in 1998 she graduated from the Far Eastern Academy of Public Service with a degree in State and Municipal Management.

Avksentieva will be the first woman – the mayor of Yakutsk. She worked as deputy head of the city from 2007 to 2012, now holds the position of director of the production and commercial complex “Aerotorgservis”.

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