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In the center of the Chinese city of Hengyang, the SUV drove into the crowd: three died, 43 injured

The driver was detained, but his motives are still questionable.

The SUV drove into a crowd of people in the main square of Hengyang City in the Chinese province of Hunan, reported the Chinese media and confirmed theauthorities. At least 3 people were killed and 43 received various injuries.

In the evening people gathered in the square, some of whom danced. Around 19:40 local time (14:40 Moscow time), the Land Rover of red suddenly pulled out of the roadway and began to shoot down those on the square. Police and doctors arrived to the scene.

According to the authorities, the driver was a previously convicted 54-year-old man named Yang Zangyun. Local media indicate that the driver has cancer and has heart problems. Possible cause of the action is his bitterness at the society, but this has not yet been officially confirmed. Zvanyunya detained.

On the video, which spread in social networks, some people lie on the ground without moving. There is also a panic in the square. Careful, sensitive content .

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