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In social networks they did not believe that the former model of Victoria’s Seсret programs in Python and C ++. She had to prove it

Lindsay Scott again explains that he not only walks the podium, but also develops applications for iOS.

Lindsey Scott. Today photo

In the Instagram Coding Engineer, where jokes, quotes and other content on the topic of IT are collected, published a photo of the American model Lindsey Scott. The picture was signed as follows: “This model of Victoria’s Secret can program in Python, C ++, Java, MIPS and Objective-C”.

However, many in the comments to the record did not believe that the model can have such knowledge, noted the French media. Some thought this was a fictional fact of the biography, while others suggested that she could write the basic phrase “Hello World!” At most.

In comments to Instagram, Lindsay recalled that she received her bachelor’s degrees after studying computer science and drama at Amherst College in Massachusetts.

Now she works as a leading developer of the fast growing company Rallybound and is listed as a member of the iOS team of the online tutorial It is included in the top users of the Stack Overflow site with questions about programming. “I’m looking at these comments and I do not even know why 41% of women in technology are abandoning their jobs because of a hostile work environment,” Scott said.

Scott’s comment in Instagram

This was not enough and Lindsay wrote a separate post. She stressed that she was not going to boast of achievements, but tried to convince even one critic that programmers “can be of all shapes, sizes, sexes and races.”

Lindsey Scott. Photos from her instagrama

The fact that Scott is fond of technology has been known for several years. Lindsay began programming in high school, learning how to use the TI-89 graphics calculator to create games. In college she studied several subjects at once: from English and Russian literature to mathematics and physics.

After graduating from college with two specialties, Lindsay began working as a model in New York, becoming the first African-American to receive the exclusive Calvin Klein contract. She collaborated with Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, The Victoria’s Secret, DKNY and Sephora. Now she is engaged in both development and play in the theater.

“I’m a big fan of Python. It’s an intuitive language, and I guess if I wrote my own programming language, it would be very similar to it, “she noted.

Scott’s Programming Lesson
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