Apple introduced the “frameless” Apple Watch Series 4 with the electrocardiogram function

Not only the screen size increased, but also the size of the clock itself – now 40 and 44 millimeters.

Apple introduced the Series 4 – a new model of “smart” watches Apple Watch. The main feature of the watch was an increased by 35% display, new features for health and performance.

In Series 4 will be built a new processor S4, the performance of which is twice that of the previous one. In the clock added a new accelerometer and gyroscope, which work 8 times faster than in Series 3. Thanks to the updated sensors, Series 4 will be able to determine in real time if the owner has fallen and will offer to call for help.

One of the main innovations in Series 4 was the ability to shoot an electrocardiogram using only a clock. For this purpose, a new pulse sensor has been built into the device.

The company claims that it has already received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. The algorithm of the clock is enough for only 30 seconds to make an ECG, for this you need to lean your finger against the wheel of the Digital Crown. The wheel itself has also been changed: now it has vibro-feedback, like the “Home” button on the iPhone 7.

Together with the clock, Apple showed a new dial – it puts much more information on it than on dials in past watch models. Due to the enlarged screen, the size of the watch’s case also changed: instead of the usual 38 and 42 millimeters, the Series 4 will be sold in sizes of 40 and 44 millimeters.

Apple Watch Series 4 will be available at a price of 399 dollars (about 27 thousand rubles) for the model with GPS and 499 dollars (34 thousand rubles) for the model with LTE.

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