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The purchase of the music service Shazam by Apple was approved by the European Commission

Shazam, launched on the iPhone. A source
About the possible purchase of Shazam service in Apple reported back in December last year, but the process interfered with the European Commission, which in February this year, announced its intention to conduct an investigation into compliance with antitrust laws in a number of member countries of the European Union

After a thorough analysis of the user and music data of Shazam, we found that their acquisition by Apple will not reduce competition in the digital music streaming market

Margret Vestager
European Commissioner for Competition

The most likely scenario, according to the European Commission, is the unification of the popular service with the streaming service Apple Music, which is the second most popular on the European market. This was the source of fears of the EU authorities, who believed that the transaction would provide important data about users of competing streaming services and encourage them to switch to Apple Music, which would adversely affect competition.

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