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The chain of events: Medinsky’s participation in the film “Sobibor”, which will be released instead of “Avengers”

The superhero film was postponed from May 3. On the same day, there is a picture where the head of the Ministry of Culture was listed as a writer and author of the idea.

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In February 2018 it became known that the third part of the “Avengers” will be released in Russia on May 11: later than in the US and Europe. Instead, on May 3, put a patriotic picture of Sobibor.

The plot of Sobibor is dedicated to a successful uprising in the Sobibor Nazi camp in Poland, which occurred in 1943. The director and performer of the main role was Konstantin Khabensky, and the author of the idea was the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky. He was long considered one of the screenwriters of the picture, but after the transfer of the Avengers, the head of the department began to deny his involvement in writing the script.

May-September 2016: “The Legend of Escape”

Originally, the picture was called “The Legend of Escape”, and Khabensky had only to play the main role: the director was Andrei Malyukov (“We are from the future”). In this form, the film claimed the state support from the Film Foundation, and Medinsky was not mentioned in the author’s composition.

For the first time, the Minister of Culture was told about the participation in the filming of “Legends of Escape”. Producers noted that the idea of ​​the film belongs to Medina, and the project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Russian Military Historical Society (chairman – Medinsky).

Earlier Medinsky repeatedly mentioned Sobibor, calling the history of the uprising “fantastic, surprising and little-known.” On January 27, 2016, he handed the museum a copy of the decree on awarding Alexander Pechersky with the Order of Courage on the site of the former camp.

September-October 2017: Khabensky – director

On September 12, the press service of Sobibor (the name was changed during the filming) announced that the film would be the directorial debut of Khabensky. The actor added that Malyukov acted as an assistant. Producers once again stressed that they supported the idea that Medinsky had proposed.

In October the presentation of the film took place . The minister of culture also spoke on it.

We all can err and fight in the fuse with opponents, argue. But trampling and despising the past, destroying the memory of the heroes of the past is to go the way the Nazi henchmen went to Sobibor. And this in a moral sense, of course, the same and will end.

Vladimir Medinsky
minister of culture of the RF

January 24, 2018: A couple of lines from Medina

Konstantin Khabensky gave an interview to “KinoPoisku”, in which he told about “Sobibor”. According to him, Medinsky did not interfere in the filming process, but could participate in writing the script.

The idea came to Medina. I guess that he too had a hand in the initial scenario. There were just a lot of script options.

Konstantin Khabensky
director of Sobibor

At the same time, the editor-in-chief of the site of the magazine “Bulletin of the film distributor” Arthur Chachelov suggested that for the success of the film “everyone who needs to be moved and pushed aside”.

February 13, 2018: The transfer of the Avengers

The Russian division of The Walt Disney Company stated that the picture “Avengers: The War of Infinity” will be released in Russia not on May 3, but on May 11. The Ministry of Culture noted that the new date was agreed initially between the distributor and the agency.

At the same time in the “Bulletin of the button-setter” appeared the exact date of the premiere of “Sobibor” – May 3 (before that, the site was simply “May 2018”). Producers of the film stressed that this is an approximate date, because now the project is being finalized. According to them, the transfer of the “Avengers” has nothing to do with the picture of the uprising in the camp.

February 15, 2018: The version of Medina

Medinsky confirmed that he is the author of the idea and wrote a story that the producers of Sobibor turned into a film. But he refused to consider himself a screenwriter.

I do not get a fee. I’m not the author of the script. I wrote a story on several pages and gave it to the producer: if interested, do it. They made a film out of it, fine.

Vladimir Medinsky
minister of culture of the RF

The Ministry of Culture noted that the head of the department is the author of ideas and other successful Russian films. For example, “Move up”: in January 2018, the media suggested that for the sake of the picture about the Soviet basketball team, the ministry tried to postpone the premiere of “Paddington 2”.

February 16, 2018: Medina is no longer a screenwriter

For a long time on “KinoPoiske” it was stated that Vladimir Medinsky is the scriptwriter of “Sobibor”. According to the press service of the site, they are usually provided by producers or distributors. On February 16, the information was “updated”, after which Medinsky disappeared from the list of writers.

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