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May 9, without the “Avengers”: Sobibor did not increase the fees, and the cinemas lost money

Even on working days, there were twice as many spectators on the “War of Infinity” as on the film of Konstantin Khabensky.

A shot from Sobibor

May 9, by order of the Ministry of Culture in Russian cinemas did not show the main premiere – “Avengers: The War of Infinity”. For the first time, foreign films were replaced by domestic or patriotic films like Legends No. 17, Dovlatov and 28 Panfilovites.

The experiment became part of the agreement of the Ministry of Culture on the premiere of the new “Avengers”: the picture was released on May 3, one day with the film “Sobibor” about the Great Patriotic War, but on May 9, she lost to him at the box office to support Russian cinema.

According to the UAIS (United Federal Automated Information System), on the first day of the weekend Sobibor collected 35 million rubles, and on May 9 – 43 million rubles. It turns out that the lack of competition with the “Avengers” on the weekend brought the Russian film only 8 million rubles.

As noted by , the absence of “Avengers” caused millions of losses for cinemas, as “War of Infinity” shows record collections and has already brought more than one billion rubles. Even on May 8, on a working day, the audience went to watch a new film Marvel, thanks to which he collected 108 million rubles – this is twice as much as the indicators of Sobibor in the festive May 9.

Fees in Russia on May 8

In 2017, on May 9, showed the second “Guardians of the Galaxy” – another popular film about superheroes. Despite the festivities, the picture collected 120 million rubles – more than Sobibor, “Coach”, “Smeshariki” and “Tanks” in 2018 combined.

Fees in Russia on May 9, 2017

At the beginning of the May holidays, there was a similar situation with fees: the new “Avengers” for the day in Russia collected almost four times more than the domestic picture of “Tanks” for a week of rental without tangible competition. As a result, “War of Infinity” received 258 million rubles, and “Tanks” – 72 million rubles.

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