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“It’s not the first day that they torment”: MMA fighter Nurmagomedov said about torture of his friend in the police of Dagestan

The UFC sportsman demanded that the State Duma deputies and politicians not stand aside.

Russian UFC fighter Habib Nurmagomedov told in his Instagram about torture on his friend Akim Kuliyev, suspected of burning the building of the district administration in Dagestan. According to the athlete, during the last torture Kuliev opened his stomach to not sign “what he did not do.”

Nurmagomedov noted that Dagestan is “drowning in injustice” and asked the State Duma deputies, politicians and social activists not to stand by.

If a person has committed a crime, well, so judge him according to the law of the Russian Federation, what is the problem at all? Let the court judge whether they are guilty or not, or torture of people is included in the laws of the Russian Federation?

Habib Nurmagomedov
UFC fighter

On September 14, the administration building was burned in the Dagestan village of Rutul , no one was hurt. Two months later, the publication “Kavkaz.Realii” reportedthat siloviki in masks and automatic rifles came to the village, who were taken by force by several people and threw drugs at them.

Later it became known that three residents of the Dagestani village were suspected of arson in the district administration. According to the brother of one of them, Kuliev cut himself, when the defendants of the case were taken out of the SIZO and sent to Akhty. According to the publication “Region online” Kuliev is the son of the deputy head of Rutulsky district.

On November 25, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan in a press releasementioned that a suspect without a name “injured himself with fragments of tile to the stomach and arm”, but his life “does not threaten anything.”

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