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In Northern Ireland, the fisherman accidentally caught a skull of an elk belonging to an extinct species 10,000 years ago

According to scientists, animals died out because of their big horns – it was difficult for them to move around in the forests.

September 5, Raymond McElroy (Raymond McElroy) went with his assistant to go fishing to Loch Ney in Northern Ireland. But after they got the net out of the water, it was discovered that the Irish caught not the fish, but the moose skull with huge horns. Scientists who studied the find, found out that it belonged to the species of moose, extinct more than 10 thousand years ago.

At first I thought it was part of a tree. Then I turned him around and saw that it was a skull with horns. It shocked me.

Raymond McElroy

Irish moose (or reindeer deer) is the largest deer species that existed on earth. Paleontologists told the publication Fox News that their extinction is associated with the huge horns: with the growth of forests, the animals became difficult to move because of their size. In 2014, the lower jaw of the Irish moose was already found in the same lake – scientists suggest that both finds belonged to the same animal.

Comparison of Irish moose with a man of 180 cm

Local authorities do not yet know what to do with the found remains. While the decision was not accepted, Makelroy keeps the skull of the ancient moose in his

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