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Habib vs. Timothy: one looks “funny in the eyes of his audience”, the second “will answer for his words”

The honorable deputy of Dagestan argues with the honored artist of Chechnya about whether it is possible to call for a boycott of concerts that do not like.

Habib Nurmagomedov. Photos of USA Today

On September 9, Timati’s musical label Black Star canceled Dagestan concerts of two of his artists, Egor Creed and MC Doni, due to threats in social networks. A large number of calls for boycotting the speeches are attributed to the reaction of the main Russian fighter MMA Khabib Nurmagomedov, who has a tremendous authority in the republic – although he first spoke about the artists of Black Star after the show’s failure.

After the cancellation of the show, a dispute arose: Timati called Hubib’s calls “silly” to ignore the concerts, and the athlete stated that “some devils will not tell him what to do and what not.”

Appeals in social networks and cancellation of concerts

Initially, Habib criticized not the concerts of Black Star, but the show of rappers of Azerbaijani origin HammAli & Navai. On August 14, the soldier laid out an excerpt from the June show and wrote: “Modern Dagestan. Is this what the righteous predecessors bequeathed to us? ” The duo HammAli & Navai is not subscribed to Timati’s label and does not cooperate with it.

Since the beginning of September, in the comments under the posts in the instigram of Yegor Creed began to appear threats to maim him, rape or even kill him if he came to Makhachkala. In the Dagestani communities in VKontakte there were appeals to ignore his concert. Why it began to threaten Creed – is still unknown . Perhaps the fact is that Creed’s concert was due to take place soon after the show HammAli & Navai, and the styles of R & B performers are quite similar.

At the last moment Black Star announced the cancellation of the concerts of Yegor Creed (September 9 in Makhachkala) and MC Doni (September 8 in Kaspiisk) “due to the uneasy situation on the ground” and unwillingness to “risk the safety of people . ” And then Habib wrote in the “stories”: “There is not a great loss”. At the concert of Creed on the summer stage of the Dagestan State Philharmonic all the tickets were sold out.

The dispute over the cancellation of concerts due to the influence of Habib

On September 10, Timati published a video message in Instagram, directly linking the cancellation of concerts with the influence of Nurmagomedov. The head of the label stressed that in the songs of his artists there are no calls for extremism, but only love lyrics.

We have great respect for Dagestan and the Caucasus as a whole. […]

We must respect someone else’s opinion. To support the wave that artists should not come, because they do not like you personally, it’s somehow wrong. We do not encourage our fans not to go to your battles or ignore any federations. To me, it’s stupid.

rapper, head of Black Star

The musician said that he found on the Habib’s page advice on what to listen to the residents of Dagestan, but did not understand what the repertoire of local artists is radically different from the Moscow performers.

Yegor Creed also asked Habib to give up boycotts and appeals: “People should choose themselves what to listen to, how to dress and what to love.” Artist Black Star noted that Nurmagomedov is one of his most beloved fighters.

Nurmagomedov did not give up his words and noted in the instagram that he plans to express his opinion on all the issues that interest him. The fighter did not mention Timati or Creed, but reminded the men of Dagestan that they were responsible for the future of the republic, and “not all petushars who, they say, want something”.

Every creature will answer for its words, it’s just that I do not care for you, but if someone does not like my calls, you can not answer them, I do not force anyone, but to tell me I’m not allowed to have my opinion is ridiculous, what the devils will not tell me what to do and what not, for this I have other people with whom I consult and whom I listen to.

Habib Nurmagomedov
MMA fighter

Then Timati wrote in the comments of Habib: “God is your judge. I had a better opinion of you “, and the fighter closed the replays in his profile. Also, the musician of the label published a separate post, hinting that Nurmagomedov looks “funny in the eyes of his own audience.”

No one in my country will not indicate where to give concerts, and where not to give them. It is also for all narrow-minded, narrow-minded: the incitement of interethnic conflicts on the basis of “religious considerations” is a fairly shaky ground in 2018, it is also prosecuted by law. If we are talking about religion: then do not fight for money and do not expose the photo from the ring in your underpants, do not get a recumbent, and do not swear at the floor.


Nurmagomedov does not have legislative levers of pressure on artists, but since May he is an honorary deputy of the People’s Assembly of Dagestan. The sportsman also repeatedly reacted to socially important events: for example, on the growth of criminality in the republic and torture in the police of the region. Dagestan leadership loyally relates to Habib.

The fighter, obviously, has great authority among some of the inhabitants of Dagestan. For example, at the airport of Makhachkala Habib after the next victory they met about two thousand people, in front of him with the lezginka there wereensembles of Caucasian dance, and fellow villagers stabbed a bull and rams for him.

Timati has repeatedly spoken in Dagestan. Since 2014, he has the title of Honored Artist of Chechnya. Head of the region Ramzan Kadyrov, who presented this award, calls the musician his brother.

The degree of influence of Habib on the abolition of concerts of Creed and MC Doni remains in question. The first known public opinion of the athlete about Creed appeared after the breakdown of the performance, so the fears of Black Star are connected, first of all, with future concerts in Dagestan. As the representatives of the label repeatedly stressed, they would like to return to the region.

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