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Habib Nurmagomedov: “Every creature will answer for its words”

The Russian mixed-style fighter Habib Nurmagomedov reacted to the calls of themusicians of the label Black Star, Timati and Egor Creed. The athlete spoke in his Instagram.

Each creature will answer for its words, it’s just that I do not care for you, but if someone does not like my calls, you can not answer them, I do not force anyone, but I do not have the right to say to Tipo my opinion – it’s funny what the devils will not tell me what to do and what not, for this I have other people with whom I consult and whom I listen to. You can spend your fucking concerts at least every day, but my principle and what I think I I will always talk. Separately, I want to turn to the men of Dagestan: much has been missed and there is not much to return, but for the future of our Republic in the answer WE and only WE, and not all petushars who say they want something.

Habib Abdulmanapovich Nurmagomedov
Master of Martial Arts

This was followed by a reference from Timati to the “team of athletes”

No one in my country will tell me where to give concerts and where not to give them. Just for all not distant, narrow-minded – incitement of ethnic conflicts on the basis of “religious considerations” is quite shaky ground in 2018, it is also persecuted by law. If we are talking about religion: then do not fight for money and do not expose the photo from the ring in your underpants, do not get a recumbent, and do not swear at the floor. And while you do not observe all this yourself, but try to conduct a deep moral moral, you look ridiculous, in the eyes of your own audience, for this it is enough to read the comments under your own publications. I did not want this conversation to the last, and always respected this team of athletes. But the line is crossed out, words can not be returned back. Everything will be as it will be. God is your judge. Good luck in the upcoming fight.

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