Analyst: new iPad Pro will be the first Apple devices with USB-C instead of Lightning

The expert believes that the company will release updated tablets by the end of 2018.

The concept of the frameless iPad Pro. The Apple Post illustration

Known for accurate forecasts, analyst Ming Chi-Kuo talked about what is expected of Apple in the near future. According to him, before the end of the year the company will present its first device with a USB-C connector instead of Lightning – a new model of the iPad Pro, and this does not necessarily happen during the presentation on September 12.

Kuo claims that, in addition to replacing the Lighting-connector, the new iPad will have a 18-watt power adapter. Due to it, the tablet will be able to charge much faster: now in the kit put a charge of 12 watts, but on the Apple site you can separately buy a power supply for 30 watts.

In addition to support for Face ID, we expect that in new models iPad Pro will replace Lightning with USB-C and add a new 18-watt unibody adapter that can not be disconnected from the wire.

Ming Chi-Kuo
analyst at KGI Securities

According to Kuo, these changes will not affect the new iPhones: they will come with a Lightning-connector and a 5-watt power adapter. The analyst claims that it will not be possible to pull the wire out of the power supply unit of the new aipads. However, before that , pictures of the sample of an 18-watt charger with a USB-C connector, which had the wire disconnected, came into the network .

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The analyst for the second time mentioned that in 2018, Apple will release a new 12-inch MacBook in a low price category. However, Ming Chi-Kuo did not explain whether this would be a full-fledged replacement for an existing device or its updating.

He believes that the device will support the fingerprint reader Touch ID, which will not be in any of the new iPhones. However, in the MacBook 2018 there will be no Touch Bar – this will remain an exclusive feature of the “older” MacBooks.

Kuo also paid special attention to the Apple Watch Series 4. The analyst is confident that the back of the case of all models of “smart” watches will be made of ceramics instead of aluminum or steel. According to Kuo, all Series 4 will also be able to read the electrocardiogram of the owners.

The expert noted that the sale of 6.1-inch “cheap” iPhone with LCD-display will begin only in late September or early October due to problems with the quality of the shell and the screen. According to Kuo, also before the end of the year Apple will release the long-awaited rug for wireless charging AirPower and the updated AirPods.

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