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Flight tests of Russian drone drone showed on video

View of the left wing of the drone “Altair”
Star Channel / YouTube

“Zvezda” TV channel in the release of the “Military Acceptance” program , dedicated to unmanned aerial vehicles, showed the test frames of the prospective Russian heavy reconnaissance and strike drones “Altair”, which is being developed in the framework of the Altius-M project. Video flight tests apparatus showed for the first time.

On the record were tested, probably, the third flight prototype of UAV “Altair”, conducted in the winter of 2018. The wing of the shown device has silks mounted on it, which are usually used in aerodynamic tests. The silkworms are thin threads fixed on the airframe glider, which allow you to see the flow around the airflow and the zone of turbulence.

Flight tests of UAV “Altair” with variable success have been conducted since 2016. In 2017, testing began revised second flight model of the machine with improved avionics. The UAV is made using a normal high-wing aerodynamic scheme with a V-shaped tail unit.

The maximum take-off weight of “Altair” is five tons at a length of 12 meters and the span of the wing is about 30 meters. Pilot models of unmanned vehicles are equipped with two diesel engines RED A03 / V12 take-off power of about 500 horsepower. Apparatus can stay in the air for about 48 hours.

The pilotless vehicle will be able to reconnoiter from an altitude of 12 thousand meters, and the range of its flight will be about ten thousand kilometers. In the military version, Altair can carry a payload of up to one ton (up to two tons in the civil version). Earlier it was reported that the mass production of new devices could begin as early as the end of 2018.

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