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The police officer made a mistake in the apartment and shot her master

The irony of fate is American.

The late auditor and singer of the church choir

A female policeman from Dallas accidentally went into someone else’s apartment, returning home, and being sure that she is at home, and in her home the criminal has infiltrated, opened fire for defeat.

After the woman immediately called an ambulance and her colleagues, who explained what had happened. Despite the assistance provided, 26-year-old owner of the apartment, Botham Shem Jean (Botham Shem Jean) died from the injuries in the hospital.

The woman is detained, her name is not called. She herself was not hurt. How she could enter someone else’s apartment – the key came up or the door was not locked – not specified.

Gene arrived in the US from the island state of Saint Lucia. He was a certified employee of the well-known company PricewaterhouseCoopers, an auditor and a prominent member of the local Christian community.

This incident already provoked the first protests – about 150 people came to the headquarters of the Dallas police with the demands of planting an officer.

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