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Serena Williams accused the judge of the US Open finals of sexism. After the game he was taken off the court, without even awarding

Tennis player and referee argued the whole game.

Judge Carlos Ramos and Serena Williams. AFP photo

In the final of the US Open Tennis Championship, 36-year-old Serena Williams unexpectedly lost to 20-year-old Japanese woman, 19th World No. Naomi Osaka. She became the youngest US Open champion after Maria Sharapova, who won the title of “Grand Slam” at age 19.

However, many of the game was remembered by a scandal involving Williams, who several times disagreed with the decisions of the judge on the tower of Carlos Ramos. First, the American tennis player was given a warning for the coach’s prompt, and then she was removed from the point for the racket broken about the court. Williams coach Patrick Muratoghlu later admitted that he had prompted the ward, but noticed that Osaka’s coach did the same.

Highlights of the match, including Williams’ controversy with the referee (3:45, 5:40)

With a score of 3: 4 in favor of rival Williams again argued with Ramos and demanded an apology. “You are a liar. Never again will you try to judge a match on the court, where I will play. Apologize to me. You stole a point from me, so you are a thief, “the tennis player told him, clarifying that she was not cheating. Ramos in response, fined Williams for the game and the score was 3: 5 in favor of Osaka. The judge explained this by an insult to his side.

Immediately after the game, Williams accused Ramos of sexism and stated that he “would never punish a man like that.” According to the tennis player, men are called judges in words and worse.

All this amazes me. But I’m going to continue to fight for the rights of women and for making us equal with men.

Serena Williams

Ramos was taken from the court immediately after the match. The arbitrator, contrary to tradition, did not participate in the ceremony, where he was to be handed a commemorative sign.

During the champion’s speech, Osaka, who was booed at the award ceremony, even apologized to the public for the victory. On the pedestal she barely held back her tears.

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