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One day Elon Musk after smoking marijuana on the air

In social networks joke that he made “grass” unfashionable, BBC US claims, and Tesla shares fall (but due to many factors).

On September 7, Elon Musk came to comedian Joe Rogan to record the podcast Joe Rogan Experience, which was broadcast live on YouTube. The head of Tesla and SpaceX discussed with the presenter his health, the state of affairs in the companies, the “safest flamethrowers” and plans to create an electric plane.

But journalists and users of social networks attracted the most episode, when Musk tried Rogan “twist” with marijuana. Earlier there were rumors that an entrepreneur was using a drug, but thousands of podcasters saw it for the first time. Musk stressed that he practically does not smoke marijuana, because it harms working capacity and has no effect on him.

Frames with smoking “grass” Musk quickly became a meme, but this act led to more serious consequences. The businessman was criticized for a “bad example”, and the US Air Force began to view this as a possible violation of the federal law. Tesla’s shares plummeted, although this can not be directly attributed to the episode in Rogan’s podcast.

Jokes in social networks

Users of social networks agreed on the opinion that the head of Tesla and SpaceX smoked marijuana rather ridiculously than “cool”. Also, the bloggers were confused by the words Musk about the lack of effect from the drug, because it did not even drag on.

“Elon Musk is so innovative that he invented a way to look sucky when smoking a joint”

“Attention: the grass is officially no longer cool. Tell all your friends »

“I’m worried about Elon Musk, because he was going to be the first person who smoked herbs, caught paranoia, then said” Everyone is talking about me ?? “, and the answer is yes, about him”

“How do you see yourself when you smoke grass vs. what do you really look like? ”

“He did not even drag out!”

“I’ve already seen the picture with a smoking Mausk more times than my own face”

“In any case, like all of you, I’m really shocked that Elon Musk does not wake up”
In Twitter, they submitted that Musk was inventing all the new inventions just for marijuana.

“Space ship … But for cats”

“Elon Musk makes one puff of a cigarette with marijuana:” Now listen to me, we’ll send Taso Bell … to Mars “”

In Russia, too, they discussed the act of the entrepreneur. It was not without the traditional ” How do you, Elon Musk .”

In social networks there were also serious opinions about the behavior of Elon Musk in the podcast. One of the claims is that he smokes marijuana live, because it’s legal in California, but in other states people are sent to prison for this.

“The problem is not that Elon Musk smoked grass on TV. The problem is that there are hundreds of thousands of black people who are imprisoned for less and ”

“Black children are still being arrested for smoking marijuana in many US cities. But Elon Musk and Joe Rogan sit and smoke jambs on camera in California. Marijuana needs to be legalized in all 50 states “

Fall of shares of Tesla

A few hours after the podcast, Tesla’s shares fell by about 10% when the NASDAQ stock exchange was opened . The publication Deutsche Welle called the fall of shares on September 7 the sharpest since 2016, though later their value and slightly recouped. An analyst at Jefferies Group in an interview with Bloomberg noted that this was influenced, among other things, by the behavior of the Musk in recent months: “There is a feeling that he went a little on the path of self-destruction.”

Western media have tied the situation on the stock market far not only with the performance of the Musk in Joe Rogan podcast. On the same day, two employees left Tesla: chief accountant Dave Morton and head of human resources Gabriel Toledano.

Morton worked in the company for about a month. He took office on August 6 – the day before the words Musk of the intention to make Tesla a private company. After 17 days the plan changed , but by this time the US Securities Commission became interested in the businessman, and several shareholders filed a lawsuit against him. Leaving the post Morton explained the level of public attention, which turned out to be “significantly higher” than he expected.

Attention from the US Air Force

On September 8, the media reported that the US Air Force was interested in smoking marijuana on the Joe Rogan podcast. The company SpaceX has several contracts with the air force: for example, missiles Musk put into orbit military satellites.

Under American law, smoking marijuana is prohibited for people with a state “secret” level of access. The ban concerns, among other things, the states where smoking of a recreational drug is completely legalized. At the Musk such access is. The Air Force noted that they had not yet opened an investigation into the entrepreneur. “We will need time to determine all the facts and the sequence of actions in this situation,” the representatives of the department explained.

CNBC journalists suggested that even if Musk did not violate the federal law, then his code could violate the code of his own company Tesla. In one of the paragraphs it is stated that the employees of the car manufacturer should not “report on work in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication”. And the businessman during the recording of the podcast once dragged on marijuana and drank whiskey.

Musk confirmed in a comment by The Guardian that in Tesla they really follow the observance of internal rules. However, the businessman specified that intoxication simply should not exceed the “safe level”.

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