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In Kenya, a cow killed a lion attacking her

Because nobody dares to offend the little cow. No one.

Strangled lion. Photo by GERALD MUTEITHIA

The lion, who escaped from the Meru National Park in the eastern province of Kenya, managed to make trouble in the surrounding villages, raising a lot of cows and goats. However, a meeting with one of them in the village of Luciuti in the district of Northern Igembe (Igembe North) became fatal for him.

In the evening of September 6, the predator was found strangled in one of the village courtyards, near a house belonging to a certain widow. A rope was wrapped around his neck. The authorities investigating the incident assume that the lion wanted to attack the cow that was in the courtyard, but the cow, trying to escape, somehow wound the rope that was tied around his neck, which caused him to suffocate. However, as a possible cause of death is also called thirst and hunger.

In any case, the authorities describe the incident as “divine intervention”, because the widow’s cow was the only one.

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