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In Great Britain, the largest floating wind power plant


The Dutch company Ørsted has launched the world’s largest floating wind farm. Situated 19 kilometers off the British coast in the Irish Sea, the station includes 87 wind turbines and a capacity of 659 megawatts – enough to provide electricity to nearly 600,000 British homes. This is reported on the official website of the company.

The coasts and sea areas are one of the most successful places for the construction of power plants because of the frequent occurrence of air currents of a certain power. The world’s first floating power plant earned in October last year 25 kilometers from the coast of Scotland. The Hywind power plant with a capacity of 30 megawatts is used to power the city of Peterhead. 

Wind farms located on the water also have advantages over coastal ones: the same Hywind in winter shows a power factor of 65 percent, while onshore windmills are from 40 to 60. The new Walney Extension may be even more efficient . Its capacity is 659 megawatts, for which two types of wind turbines are used: 40 Siemens Gamesa 188 meters high (each allows generating 7 megawatts) and 47 MHI Vestas generators (195 meters and 8 megawatts each).

The station is located 19 kilometers from the coast of Great Britain (the county of Cumbria) in the Irish Sea: according to the creators, the total area of ​​the station is about 20 thousand football fields (145 square kilometers). According to the calculations of the company, such a power plant will provide electricity to almost 600,000 British homes.

Another way to efficiently extract energy from the wind is by flying wind generators. Last year, for example, the Dutch engaged in the development of energy-producing drones, and Google experienced a wind generator, made in the form of a corded airframe. 

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