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Artist Black Star Yegor Creed canceled a concert in Makhachkala after threats of murder in social networks

They wrote about the violence and rape in the event of a visit.

Egor Creed. Photo from his community in “VKontakte”

Timati’s music label Black Star announced the cancellation of concerts of two of its artists in Dagestan – Yegor Creed and DONI. The company officially apologized to the audience.

The Doni concert in Kaspiisk was scheduled for September 8, while on September 9, Yegor Creed was to perform in Makhachkala.

In view of the turbulent situation on the ground, we do not want to risk the safety of people who want to get to the concert. We very much regret the situation and hope that soon the artists of the label will still be able to perform for our people in Dagestan.

Black Star Press Service

In early September, the media noticed that in the comments under Creed’s notes in Instagram there appeared threats of reprisal, rape and murder in the event of a visit to Makhachkala. The artist also wrote: “Cancel the concert, and then you risk losing your innocence”, “You’ll be in a brick factory or worse”, “It can hurt your health.” In the Dagestani communities in VKontakte, appeals were made not to let their sisters and girls go to the concert, the North Caucasian department of Komsomolskaya Pravda reported.

Many subscribers of Creed, on the contrary, stood up for him. The artist published a post in which he announced his thoughts about removing the account in the social network in order to “not see all this shit on the Internet, live without a crowd of idiots in the comments and unnecessary information.”

On September 8, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan said that it had established a “group of extremist-minded individuals” who were trying to cancel concerts in the republic. Such people believe that the events “are contrary to the canons of Islam, contribute to the corruption of the youth and are alienated from religion and sharia norms,” ​​the police said. The MVD promised to stop attempts to disrupt the concerts, but the names of the suspects were not disclosed. No detention was reported.

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