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The park in New York was advertised with a photo of the photo with the legend of Chelsea by Frank Lampard

In Twitter, there are ways to make the announcement even worse.

Frank Lampard in the photo to the opening of the park in Brooklyn

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo told Twitter about the opening of the Shirley Chisholm State Park, which will be held in 2019. Judging by the pictures he has published, new space is planned to be used including for kayaking, beach recreation, fishing and running. All future visitors “dorisovany” in Photoshop.

But most of all, the second photo attracted attention. In the role of runner in the park, “dorisovali” one of the most famous British players – Frank Lampard, who spoke for London “Chelsea”, “Manchester City” and the England team.

Of course, Lampard had never been in a Brooklyn park. And it is unlikely that he gave his consent to the authorities of New York to use his image. The original photo of the running football players made the paparazzi in July 2015. Then he was preparing to move to New York City.

Photos of Splash
The American media did not immediately see in Lampard’s photo, sometimes simply telling about the imminent opening of the park. But the player was noticed by theBritish media.

On Twitter, they decided not to stop and “improved the announcement” by adding Forrest Gump or sending Lampard to the opening of a safari park in South Africa.

Lampard played for Chelsea for 13 years, scoring more than any other team players. He also became the best midfielder in the history of the English Premier League.

Shirley Chisholm, after whom the park was named, was an American Democratic politician from Brooklyn. In 1972, she ran for the presidency of the United States, becoming the first woman and African American who did it. She died in 2005 when she was 80 years old.

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