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The crowdsfund site will reimburse the homeless for most of the $ 400,000 appropriated by fundraisers

The American couple wanted to help the man and collected, but gave only a small part of the money.

Photos Keith McClure

GoFundMe’s crowdsfunding platform will reimburse the homeless Johnny Bobbitt for the remainder of the $ 402,000 that the fundraising campaigners did not give him. Money for the man was collected by American Kate McClure and her boyfriend, but the homeless were paid less than a third of the amount.

In GoFundMe promised to compensate for everything that the Bobbit has not yet received. According to the homeless, the couple gave him $ 75,000 in cash, as well as small purchases and services. In total, after deduction of the commission, Bobbit was to receive 360 ​​thousand dollars.

Thus, the service was going to compensate the man 285 thousand dollars. The company noted that they follow their own rules, which protect the ultimate recipients of funds in such cases.

Representatives of GoFundMe assured that they will work with Bobbitt’s lawyers until he receives the remaining money. The man has already received the first check in the amount of 20 thousand dollars, this money will go to the food and accommodation of Bobbits.

The history of raising funds for the homeless began in the fall of 2017. The American Keith McClure ended gasoline on the road between New Jersey and Philadelphia, and Bobbit went to the nearest gas station and took a can of fuel for her, spending his last 20 dollars. After that, the girl told about what happened in social networks.

The users were very moved by the story and McClure and her boyfriend decided to help the homeless by organizing a fundraising on the GoFundMe’s crowdsfunding platform. During the campaign, the man donated more than 400 thousand dollars (more than 25 million rubles).

Homeless Johnny Bobbit visiting McClure

A few months later it turned out that in fact the couple did not give the man the full amount. At the same time McClure and her boyfriend spent time in Las Vegas, met the New Year in New York and bought a new BMW.

In a conversation with reporters, the couple did not deny that Bobby was not given all the money. However, they do not believe that they did something wrong. According to the couple, most of the amount was allegedly spent on the destination: half of the money went to the house on wheels, in addition Bobbito was given a used car and a laptop, and another 25 thousand dollars was given in cash.

Homeless states that in fact no one bought him a house or a car: he was simply placed in a trailer that already belonged to McClure and gave the keys to the old pickup truck. Both the documents belonged to the girl so that the man could not sell anything.

In summer, the couple sold the trailer and the car, and Bobbit was again on the street. McClure argues that the reason for this decision was that the homeless began to spend on drugs “thousands of dollars.” Bobbit does not deny drug addiction, but according to him, it was about small amounts – around $ 15 a day. The man confirmed that he received $ 25,000 in cash, but he gave the money to family and friends.

Bobbit after the eviction from the trailer again lives under the bridge

The last time the couple told reporters that the amount remained 200 thousand dollars, but they do not intend to give them to Bobbitt, until he recovers from addiction and finds a job. September 6 the police conducted a search in the house McClure and her boyfriend because of the high public interest. In addition, the district judge ordered the couple to appear in court at a hearing in a week.

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