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Barnaul studio released a game about “Digital Resistance”. Part of the proceeds will go to Maria Motuznaya

This is approximately 30 thousand rubles for the person dismissed from work for memes.

Studio from Barnaul Dagestan Technology has released a platformer called Digital Resistance with an allusion to modern Russia. The game appeared on Steam and costs 30 rubles (18 rubles with a discount). It is called a clone of Super Meat Boy .

According to the plot, Digital Resistance lost the battle of the RCM organization, which completely controls the “life of all people, the Internet and the media”. The world is in decline. The former resistance leader, Poe, resigned, but after the visit of the former commander he returns to destroy the RCM.

Dagestan Technology intends to send 15% of the proceeds in the first month from the start of sales to a resident of Barnaul Maria Motuznaya, accused of extremism and insulting the feelings of believers. As told producer Roman Lakrua, the sales “are quite good”, and the amount of help is approximately 30 thousand rubles.

According to Lacroix, Motuznaya supports the action and refers to it positively: “Of course, she knows, we are good friends”. Producer Dagestan Technology found it difficult to say what exactly the collected funds will go.

Before the sensation arose, Masha worked at the hotel for eight thousand rubles a month. After the hype, she was fired. Spend it as it sees fit.

Roman Lacroix
Producer of Dagestan Technology

The case of Maria Motuznaya became the most resonant litigation due to memes in VKontakte. She is accused of extremism (article 282 of the Criminal Code) and an insult to the feelings of believers (article 148 of the Criminal Code). The next meeting will be held on September 11. Attorney Motuznoy Alexey Bushmakov told  that his client was fired from his job and did not want to take on others because of the inclusion in the list of extremists and terrorists Rosfinmonitoring.

Dagestan Technology produces indie games, which often become a reaction to trends. For example, the studio developed a game about Diana Shurygina, racist Wake the Dragon and Reptilians Must Die, in which you need to play the president of Russia.

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