Apple removed from the App Store the application of “chief conspiracy officer of America” ​​Alex Jones

A day after he was blocked on Twitter.

Alex Jones during one of his podcasts

Apple confirmed to BuzzFeed that it removed the application of the American journalist and the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from the App Store.

The company referred to the guidelines, the first item of which prohibits libel, discrimination, humiliation with comments on religion, race, sexual orientation, gender and ethnicity. The rules also refer to the prohibition of content that causes a “propensity to disgust” or has “exceptionally bad taste.” In the App Store, it’s stressed that the rule does not apply to political satirists and humorists.

The App Store search now only shows applications that are not related to Infowars. During the month, Jones’s accounts were blocked on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Infowars podcasts have also been removed from iTunes .

Alex Jones is one of the most famous supporters of conspiracy theory in the US. Among other things, he promotes conspiracy theories about the organization of the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11, 2001 and that there was allegedly no mass murder in the “Sandy Hook” primary school in 2012. He tells why the landing of Americans on the Moon is falsified, and “exposes” the stories of American media about Russian reality.

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